Miri Cal ®

A combination of organic and inorganic acids, plus a surface-active agents, for effective and fast-acting removal of protein, scale and salts from metal and tiled surfaces. Applied by foaming, hand scrubbing or circulated through CIP (boil-out) systems.

Acid Brite #2™

An effective, acid cleaner designed especially to enhance the mineralization scale removal in plants that use hard water. Removes protein, beerstone, milkstone, simple scale and other soils. Conditions stainless steel. Used safely for CIP (Clean In Place).


A self-foaming, general purpose, acid/anionic surfactant cleaner. Helps remove and prevent scaling problems when used as a final rinse. Used for tanks, vats, lines, tubs, kegs and floors. Can be used with foamers and sprayers.