Emech Mixing Valves

Emech Mixing Valves

Energy-Saving Emech Electronically-Controlled Precision Mixing Valves from BIRKO. Ruggedly built – There is no better water mixing valve system available.

  • Controls output water temperature within +/- 0.9° F regardless of input temperatures or pressures.
  • Valves available for water only or steam and water to fit most standard size lines.
  • Provides precise control over water temperatures for critical process and cleaning applications
  • Perfect for controlling mash water and yeast fermentation temperatures in the brewery

Emech Control specializes in the design and manufacture of precision control fluid mixing valves. Based on patented ceramic disc valve and electronic actuator technology, the Emech System provides precise and effective control over the fluid output temperature for critical process and cleaning applications. Breweries use them to control mash water temperature and tank temperature for jacketed yeast fermentation tanks.

The Emech System consists of a 316 stainless steel valve body and an electronic actuator running on 24 V dc. Internal ceramic disc valve components provide smooth, precise movement and incredible resistance to wear and corrosion. A calibrated temperature probe returns readings to the actuator which regulates output to the preset temperature within +/- 0.9° F. Thorough mixing, regardless of inflow pressures, is achieved through the patented “Swirl Mix” internal design.

  • Top view operating panel for easy configuration
  • External key-lock power switch
  • Manual override with power-down safety interlock
  • Remote access options
  • Long wearing components
  • Standard seals
  • Fail-safe, non-contact, absolute positioner feedback
  • NEMA 4 enclosure
  • Temperature operating range: -13° F to 257 °F (-25° C to 125° C)
  • Rated pressure: 145 psi (10 bar)
  • Temperature control accuracy +/- 0.9° F (+/-0.5° C) over the 32° F – 212° F (0°-100° C) control range
  • Plug and play technology

Birko currently stocks the full line of Emech Control Systems from 3/4″ inch to 3″ lines.

BIRKO provides a final specification for all UltraClean™ Systems and assists the plant’s maintenance department with installation, start-up and calibration, as well as employee training. We are committed to the ongoing success of your operation so please contact us for wearable parts and maintenance support. BIRKO can also provide chemical use analysis and recommendations to cover your specific plant cleaning or sanitation issues.