A food-grade tripe neutralizer, effective in reducing pH in the finished product. Foreign markets demand neutral tripe. Helps to avoid gaseous tripe and rancidity problems. Also used to activate chlorine dioxide sanitizers, neutralizing or reducing pH in water or finished product, and removing or preventing scale formation.

No-Pelo ™

A liquid additive to be used in conjunction with BRUTE-4S ™ to remove hair from feet in the foot wash. NO-PELO ™ helps loosen hair at the follicle so it is easier to remove. It is particularly effective in removing hair from black feet. NO-PELO ™ also helps make No. 1 feet out of feet that would normally only be No. 2, improving your yield.

Liquik® Bleach

A food-grade, stabilized 34 % hydrogen peroxide solution, effective for many applications, such as a bleach for tripe or other edible parts, as a laundry bleach, or as a cleaning adjunct. It offers far less corrosion than most chlorine compounds. Useful as an odor contol agent.


A strong alkaline liquid for cleaning and scalding tripe. It has been formulated especially for the latest automatic dispensing systems and is safe for all types of tripe machines. BRILLO™ can achieve clean tripe more economically and more safely (when properly dispensed) than any other product. Use BRILLO™ in conjunction with the BIRKO line of oxygen bleaches: ACTO 140™, or Liquik® Bleach. BRILLO™ is acceptable for use in Federally inspected meat and poultry plants.


A highly alkaline builder designed to be used with various additives for processes such as foot washing, tripe washing, CIP, and others. Cleaning solutions must be rinsed thoroughly with potable water after use.

Cir Scald™

An alkaline blend of ingredients with an extremely high level of chemical activity for removing hair on beef feet (U.S. Patent No. 3,577,241). It has prior USDA approval for cleaning and treating feet and other edible parts. Birko’s ACTO-140™, is recommended to bleach and whiten the finished beef product.

Acto 140™

An oxygen bleach that is safe to use in all food processing operations. This ultra-pure product has been used for years as the choice oxygen bleach in tripe washing for high yield and bright white honeycomb. It is low in cost for laundry systems. The only powdered oxygen bleach appropriate for food contact and made by the fluid bed process which protectively coats the chemical for free flowing and continuously high oxygen activity. It is appropriate for tripe bleaching, treating feet and other edible meat parts, as a general purpose cleaner, as a laundry bleach and as a bleach for grease and tallow.

Tripe Wash 2P®

A powdered, moderately alkaline mixture formulated for use in all machines in tripe scalding operations. This product is appropriate for use in federally inspected meat plants and offers maximum cleaning and highest yields in plants with fast chain speeds when used in combination with ACTO-140™, a 100% active powdered oxygen bleach.