ACTO-140 is a powdered, oxygen bleach, safe to use in all food processing operations. This ultra pure product has been used for years as the choice oxygen bleach in tripe washing for high yield and bright white honeycomb. It is low-cost for laundry systems. A unique feature of ACTO-140 is that it is the only powdered oxygen bleach appropriate for food contact and made by the fluid bed process which protectively coats the chemical for free flowing and continuously high oxygen activity.

ACTO-140 is:

  • A Pure, Safe, Powdered Oxygen Bleach
  • A Food Contact Chemical


  • Tripe bleach
  • Treating feet and other edible meat parts
  • As a general purpose cleaner
  • As a laundry bleach
  • As a bleach for grease and tallow

in federally inspected meat and poultry plants.