AST-106 PAS Stunner Tester

Jarvis Products Corporation is introducing the Model AST 106 PAS Stunner Tester as a fast, accurate device for measuring bolt speeds on Jarvis’ Type C and Type P PAS (Power Actuated Stunner) Stunners.

Airsnips 15-35-70

The Jarvis Airsnip® – dramatically reduces operator effort on any operation done with a scissor, knife or hand clipper. Use of this tool may qualify as a “light duty”

OGC Oil Gland Cutter

The Jarvis Model OGC – pneumatically powered oil gland removal system for chickens, fowl, and turkeys.

LKE-1 Lung Gun

The Jarvis Model LKE-1 – pneumatically controlled gun for high speed vacuum removal of poultry lungs and kidneys.