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  • .22R Concussion Stunner - Poultry
SKU: 4144080

.22R Concussion Stunner - Poultry

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The Jarvis Power Actuated Poultry Stunner, Model PAS-Type C Concussion, .22R – 5.6mm R caliber, for stunning poultry.


  • Renders stunned animals insensible to pain without penetrating the skull.
  • Powerload - 1 grain 
  • Low cost stunning for chickens, turkeys, ducks, geese.
  • Easy to learn and operate.
  • Perfect for smaller animal processing operations.
  • Standard safety lock for added operator protection.
  • Easy and quick tool cleaning.
  • Positive retraction of bolt after firing and stunning.


Technical Specifications:

PAS — Type C
Concussion Head Diameter
Ø 25.4 mmØ 1.0 in
Maximum Bolt Extension (with Max Grains)6 mm.25 in
Control Handle (Manual Operation) Single Trigger
Overall Dimensions (length | diameter)317 mm | Ø 46 mm12.5 in | Ø 1.8 in
Weight1.6 kg3.5 lbs




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