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Model 500HC Hind Hock Cutter

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The Jarvis Model 500HC - pneumatically powered hock cutter for hind beef hocks and sow hocks


  • The 500HC quickly and cleanly cuts rear beef hocks through the joint, and is an effective hock cutter for sows.
  • Inexpensive - no hydraulic power unit.
  • Double acting air cylinder for reduced maintenance - no springs.
  • Lightweight for easy handling.
  • Anti-tie down controls for operator safety.


Technical Specifications:

Drive Pneumatic

Operating Pressure
90 - 120 psi6.2 - 8.3 bar
Air Consumption (per cycle) @ 90 psi1.0 ft328.3 L
Cutting Force @ 90 psi2400 lbf10.7 kN
Cutting Cycle Time @ 90 psi 1.5 second
Cutting Diameter (max.)3.5 in89 mm
Control HandlesPneumatic DualAnti-tie Down
Blade Opening  
At Tips3.7 in94 mm
Widest4.5 in114 mm
Overall Length36 in914 mm
Weight24.5 lbs11.1 kg


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Model 500HC Hind Hock Cutter
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