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Models MG-1/1HS/1B/1BHS/1BFQ

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The Jarvis Models MG-1, MG-1HS, MG-1B, MG-1BHS and MG-1BFQ - hydraulic powered brisket saws for beef, hog splitting and forequartering.


  • The powerful MG-1 cuts through all beef briskets quickly and easily. The high performance MG-1B is even faster, suitable for kills over 200 beef / hour.
  • Models MG-1HS and MG-1BHS are ideal for hog splitting and hog brisket cutting. Model MG-1BFQ is the perfect saw for forequartering.
  • The MG-1 and MG-1HS cuts fat cattle briskets in 5 seconds, the MG-1B, MG-1BHS and MG-1BFQS in 3 seconds.
  • Small and maneuverable for optimum handling.
  • A balanced drive system makes all MG-1 models smooth and quiet for less operator fatigue.
  • Minimal maintenance due to the oil bath lubricated drive and no electrical components.
  • Meets international requirements for safety and hygiene


Variation Specifications:

Equipment Selection and AccessoriesOrder Number
Model MG-14005013 
Model MG-1B4005037 


(Shower Head)

Model MG-1BFQ4005131, 4005079,             4005085, 4005100 
Blade (length), MG-1,1B 


9.5 in

                        240 mm                                 1023083 
                  10.5 in


270 mm



  11.5 in290 mm1023215 
  13.0 in330 mm1023230 
  18.0 in457 mm1023088 
Blade (length), MG-1HS, MG-1BHS                    21.9 in556 mm1023090 
Blade (length), MG-1FQ3 teeth per inch16.3 in414 mm1023577 
3 teeth per inch 18.0 in457 mm1023088 

3 teeth per inch

(alternating) 16 in

406 mm1023562                 

3 teeth per inch

(alternating) 18 in

457 mm1023631 
4 teeth per inch  16.3 in414 mm1023590 
5 teeth per inch  16.3 in414 mm1023591 
HD  21.9 in556 mm1023552 

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Models MG-1/1HS/1B/1BHS/1BFQ
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