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Non-Penetrating Captive Bolt Stunners -(Pistol & Cylindrical Types)

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Humane stunning - made easier!


The Jarvis PAS Type P & C Non-Penetrating Cartridge Stunners for small to large-sized animals.


Jarvis .22 (5.6mm) & .25 (6.3mm handle grip stunners are confortable to use with an ergonomically designed handle.  Users are offered a humane & simple process for quick , efficienr stunning of cattle, hogs, sheep or other types of live-stock.


  • Renders stunned animals and poultry insensible to pain without penetrating the skull.
  • Low cost stunning of animals and poultry.
  • One shot humane stunning procedure.
  • Simple to use, operate and maintain.
  • Well built, designed for long service life.
  • Proprietary grip compound and design provide a comfortable, ergonomic handle.



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Non-Penetrating Captive Bolt Stunners -(Pistol & Cylindrical Types)
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