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Processing Unit (Chicken) - 1 Cone

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This fully washable unit is designed for hygienic, fast and stress-free slaughtering. The cone's shape restrains the bird to reduce the chance of wing damage and bruising. The design funnels blood to the removable tray below for easy clean up. Washable, aluminum legs are anodized to increase resistance to corrosion, rust and wear and provide easy cleaning.


Key Features

- Fast, stress-free slaughtering
- Hygienic
- Rust-proof design
- Reduces wing damage
- Reduces bird bruising
- Blood drip tray
- Anodized aluminum legs
- Easy clean up
- Washable






Material: ABS Plastic


- Stationary Unit (1)
- Chicken cone (1)

Dimensions & Weight:

- Unit: L 13.8" x W 15.4 x H 29"
- Box 1: L 4.3" x W 4.3" x H 40"
- Box 2: L 17.3" x W 17.3" x H 21.7"
- Weight: 5 lb



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Processing Unit (Chicken) - 1 Cone
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