REICH Industry 500

REICH Industry 500

Industry 500 completely redefines concepts such as freedom of movement, force and cutting speed, without losing sight of the operator's safety. Feel good at work. This is one of the essential requirements for relaxed work. And the result of the development is the sawing area with the new industry 500.

A workplace to feel good. The newly designed workplace with the ideal table-top table provides optimum working conditions. Because everything is arranged ergonomically and within the reach of the operator.

From the start / stop button over the material pusher, suspended in the cast stable suspension, everything is where it should be.

The Industrial 500 multifunctional switch can be switched on by pressing one button.

The large table area allows space to be used to divide sections and then to sawn them again in the next step.

At the same time, the large cutting height (on request, the cutting height can be extended by 100 or 200 mm.)

Also the sawing of whole cattle quarters or, for example, deep-frozen tuna.

The extremely high cutting speed of 40 meters per second allows for a productive and secure work.

  • "CE"-certified and "GS"-approved (complies with European hygiene and safety regulations.)
  • Motor stops automatically by opening of the doors or covers.
  • With maintenance free electronic brake motor.
  • Upper portion gauge adjustable in height.
  • Wheels scrapers installed, removable without tools.
  • Blade gauge in table specialy coated.
  • Blade gauge removable without tools.
  • Gas damper provides always correct tension of blade.
  • All parts rustfree!
  • Blade guided in the wheels, therefore can not
  • Spring down from wheel.
  • By additional grooves the crossing of teeth will be not effected by the wheels.
  • Self-carrying frame, strong table, wheels and portion gauge in stainless steel inoxydable.

Technical details:

  • Voltage : 230/400 V / 50 cycles
  • Power : 2,2 kW
  • Revolutions : 1000/ min.
  • Speed of cutting : 30 Meter/second
  • Dimensions table : 820 x 1010 mm
  • Width of cutting : 480 mm
  • Height of cutting : 495 mm
  • Saw blade : 3800 x 16 x 6 x 0.6 mm
  • Housing : Stainless steel
  • Dimension : 820 x 1010 x 1954 mm
  • Height of table : 900 mm
  • Netweight : 265 kg
  • Grossweight : 280 kg on pallett