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  • HES-S2 Stainless Steel Ergo Steel
  • HES-S2 Stainless Steel Ergo Steel

HES-S2 Stainless Steel Ergo Steel

Excluding GST/HST

The original edge maintenance innovation in stainless steel. Now available with a wider opening to assure that the knife edge never makes contact with the base.


The HES-S2 Ergo Steel-Stainless is a fast and easy way to straighten and restore those knife edges for razor-sharp performance. It is an edge maintenance tool used on the production floor. Throughout the day, as a knife edge dulls, the operator can slide the blade through the unique spring-tensioned rods of the Ergo Steel HES-S2 and straighten the edge in a matter of seconds. The smooth electropolished finish of the Ergo Steel-Stainless reduces product adhesion and contamination build up and allows for more thorough, easier cleaning.


Requires virtually no training to use, the Ergo Steel-Stainless can be used comfortably and safely, right-or left-handed.


Worlds most popular edge maintenance tool!



  •  All Stainless steel design for improved hygiene and durability.
  • Electropolished finish reduces product adhesion and contamination build up.
  • Compact, open design to reduce surface area.
  • Wide knife entrance easily guides the blade to the 4 alignment rods for a perfect edge in seconds.
  • Specially developed flexible stainless steel alignment rods provide superior durability for straightening knife edges.
  • Aligns both sides of the blade simultaneously.
  • Straightens and prolongs the edge life of knives.
  • Ideal for knives of any length.
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