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  • Model LKE-1 - Lung Gun
  • Model LKE-1 - Lung Gun

Model LKE-1 - Lung Gun

Excluding GST/HST

The Jarvis Model LKE-1 - pneumatically controlled gun for high speed vacuum removal of poultry lungs and kidneys.


• Ideally suited for removal of chicken, turkey, duck, and geese lungs and kidneys.
• Operator fatigue is reduced by the unique air trigger system.
• Lightest lung gun available - only 1.5 lbs (0.7 kg).
• Instantaneous vacuum - no delay.
• Easy to clean for optimum hygiene - simply suck hot soapy water through with the vacuum, and spray externally.
• Replaceable tubes and handles reduce maintenance costs compared with single piece construction guns.
• Meets national and international requirements
for safety and hygiene.


Technical Specifications:

Drive Pneumatic
Operating Pressure80 psi5.4 bar

Air Consumption

(per 800 strokes)

1.0 ft30.27 m3
Vacuum Requirements (minimum)15 in Hg min380 mm Hg min
Free Air Flow (for vacuum)25 - 50 ft3/ min

0.7 - 1.4 m3/ min                                

Capacity                                                                                                                      Limited by operator skill (avg. 2400 / hour) Control Handle       Single Finger Air Trigger
Tube Diameters1.0 in25 mm 
 1.25 in32 mm  
Overall Lengths16 in406 mm 
Weight20 in
1.5 lbs
508 mm
0.7 kg
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