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  • Model JC 4a Dehider

Model JC 4a Dehider

Excluding GST/HST

The Jarvis Model JC IVA - pneumatically powered dehider


  • Constant torque air motor.
  • Speed does not fluctuate due to air pressure change.
  •  Dynamically balanced drive mechanism for low vibration and reduced wear.
  • Extra-thin head with stainless steel center plate for exceptional handling and strength.
  • Skins perfectly, leaving no cuts, marks or holes.
  • Produces highest possible quality hides.


Technical Specifications:

Drive Pneumatic
Motor Power0.7 hp522 W
Operating Pressures45 - 55 psi3.1- 3.8 bar
Air Consumption16 ft3 / min0.45 m3 / min
Blade Speed (in oscillations) 6500 - 7000 / min


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